Today the world is at a unique point in history, where almost each and every one of us is experiencing the same inflection point in technology – Digital Transformation of all aspects of our lives. Technology is being adopted at an unprecedented pace by all walks of life – End users, Governments, Health care, Education, Public Safety, large and small businesses.

Communicating with each other, whether in personal life, Governments or in Business, has never been so prolific at a global level as it is today.

“always connected” and “continuous data consumption” by living beings, and machines, is at an all-time high and rising.

Status quo of dependence on a few telecom vendors “know it all” , and “do it all” model is obsolete.

These requirements of wireless + AI are driving us to reimagine how we source, design, deploy, and deliver ever expanding secure networks.

Vendor Independent Open Source (VIOS) by Rawasi provides breakthrough options to achieve independence and control of your telecom networks.

How to engage us?

We work exclusively and under NDA.
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How we do it?

We are led by experienced telecom wireless industry leaders and pioneers who have deep technology and industry knowledge with great insight on the evolution of networks in the brave new world.

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